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Plumbing & Sanitary

Under Sanitary engineering and plumbing an engineer studies all aspects of engineering and design of water supply, sewerage and drainage systems including the plumbing work required in buildings. Plumbing system are an inherent part of the study of sanitary engineering.

The primary aim of a sanitary engineer is to protect public health and environment. This is achieved by providing (i) safe drinking water and (ii) an efficient and adequate drainage system, designed scientifically by using basic hydraulic principles and practical consideration of works on the ground.

Whenever sanitary engineering services are to be provided for an existing or a new city, small community development or an individual building, there are several experts who can contribute to the planning process. Each of them is a specialist who plays a specific role in achieving the overall objective of providing efficient and economic infrastructural services to the people living in the planned are.

We are important actors in the endeavor of good building construction. Inexperienced and incompetent people have often bungled many a job with disastrous consequences.

The contractor has the important role of organizing the work arranging materials and labour , coordinating the work with the builder and other agencies and ensuring smooth progress of the work. He must be able to read drawings, anticipate problems and solve them to the satisfaction of all. The contractor has also to liaise with the local municipal authorities to ensure that all codes and municipal bye-laws are being followed, perform satisfactory tests and obtain approval of the work executed by him as per statutory regulations from appropriate authorities.

Plumbers are artisans and craftsmen who have acquired special skills in laying water and drainage pipes, Installing plumbing fixtures and taps, and repairing the installations.

Apart from the skill of using conventional tools and equipment, a modern-day plumber has to learn welding, brazing, installation electrical or gas geysers, etc. Our plumbers also be able to use modern tools, e.g. pipe threading and cutting machines, drills, etc. effectively and efficiently.

Our New Technology

It is the responsibility of a sanitary engineers to keep himself abreast of the least development in the field of technology.

The technology could be in the field of new materials, innovative techniques .latest tools, design process, which could help in planning and executing the job efficiently, economically and with minimum maintenance problems.